Re: [IWAR] EURO world spy system (fwd)

From: almat_private
Date: Tue Dec 23 1997 - 13:54:35 PST

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    All of the following information, except the last paragraph, is from news
    stories run over the past two years.
    The NSA has a facility in England that has the capacity to listen to every
    phone conversation placed in the US.   Until recently, they could only
    monitor conversations that went outside the borders of the country.  With
    satellite bounces, they take that as leaving the US.  No, they don't listen
    to every phone call.  They do openly monitor all conversations overseas
    using tape and "sniffing" devices.  When key words come up a human is
    assigned to check the call.
    They also openly place "sniff" programs at what they call "key points" of
    interchange on the internet in the same way and can and do monitor email
    that way.
    The NSA also runs "front" websites that deal with information that would
    attract people they are interested in tracking.
    Long before Internet Explorer was introduced, an NSA officer told me they
    were working with Microsoft to get a backdoor into internet usage.   Since
    explorer allows a web site to read a visitor's disc, and even place hostile
    cookies that can destroy a drive, there is a good chance that was the
    system he was talking about.  Unlike the java function in Netscape, this
    feature cannot be turned off in Explorer.

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