Re: [IWAR] Xerox Disclosure Journal

From: Nick Halflinger (shockwave_riderat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 23 1997 - 14:55:42 PST

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    I thought I would point out something quite contrary to the point made 
    by alm. Nanotechnology, still only a pipe dream for some of us since 
    isn't really 'here' yet, but a lot of work is going into design of 
    systems which will work _once the basic enabling technology is created._
    For an example, check out Ralph Merkle (who should be known to the 
    crypto junkies out there) at and you'll see a 
    good starting place. By preempting the patent protection of the field by 
    publishing all this prior art, it will leave only the original 
    breakthrough to be patentable (and even that is in doubt, since 'wet' 
    nanotech--biotech--is the probable starting place to learn things about 
    what will work in 'dry' nanotech, the patentability of
    this sort of thing is certain to be hotly contested). So by turning all 
    that brainpower and effort into the creation of prior art, nobody will 
    get a State-granted monopoly in this most promising technology. It goes 
    without saying that given the potential of fields like nanotech that 
    patent protection would be ignored, gotten around, or subject to the 
    sinister efforts of Violation of Intellectual Property Rights (VIPeR) 
    projects. There will STILL always be plenty of room at the bottom.
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