[IWAR] KENYA hotzone anthrax?

From: Michael Wilson (MWILSON/0005514706at_private)
Date: Sat Dec 27 1997 - 09:43:50 PST

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                   Kenya scientists suspect anthrax as epidemic cause
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       NAIROBI (December 27, 1997 11:42 a.m. EST http://www.nando.net) -
       Scientists are investigating whether the anthrax bacteria is responsible
       for an epidemic that has killed at least 143 people in three months in
       Kenya's North Eastern province.
       "We are trying to put the priority on ruling out anthrax. Anthrax is
       what we suspect is the cause," on Saturday said Peter Tukei, a medical
       doctor and senior virologist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute.
       The aid agency Amref also said it was testing blood and stool samples in
       an attempt to to rule out anthrax as a leading suspect for the disease.
       At least 143 people have died in North Eastern province since October,
       at the start of severe flooding linked to the El Nino climatic
       Newspapers reported on Saturday a further 28 people had been killed by
       the disease in North Eastern province's Garissa district in the last 24
       Regional government officials earlier blamed a strain of malaria for the
       Victims have complained of a variety of symptoms including vomiting,
       diarrhoea and severe headaches.
       The deadly anthrax bacteria, which usually affects slaughterhouse
       workers, spreads from the carcasses of animals to humans via contact.
       Severe floods have increased the animal death toll, leading to possible
       contamination of humans forced to drink water infected by animal
       carcasses, Tukei told Reuters.
       He stressed it was not yet possible to give a definitive explanation for
       the disease.
       The Atlanta-based Center for Disease Control, the U.N. World Health
       Organisation and aid agencies are working with government health
       officials in an attempt to identify the disease.

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