Re: [IWAR] EURO world spy system (fwd)

From: Roger Fleming (rogerat_private)
Date: Sun Dec 28 1997 - 14:32:25 PST

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    Mark Hedges wrote:
    >Crowell's testimony, for example, says that it would take so many millions
    >of years or whatever to crack a 128 bit code with "256 desktop PC's" like
    >some geek at U.C. Berkeley -- but NSA has a chip foundry and the biggest
    >supercomputer budget of any organization! [...]
    He also uses some very dodgey numbers. Go over the figures yourself; apart from such difficult stuff as powers-of-2 exponentiation, it's all elementary arithmetic, and it's completely wrong. Either the NSA has been recruiting a _much_ lower calibre of mathematician, or Crowell was lying to Congress.

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