[IWAR] Dazed and confused

From: Nick Haflinger (shockwave_riderat_private)
Date: Sat Jan 17 1998 - 12:36:41 PST

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    Sounds like Hedges and Nelson are both hitting the 'r'eply command 
    On the cell 'life extension' matter, the implications are worth 
    considering--look at the social impact from discretionary methods of 
    contraception: women's liberation, erosion of the traditional family 
    structure, the explosive pandemic of sexually transmitted diseases, and 
    so on.
    Readers of science fiction might remember Larry Niven's 'Known Space' 
    series, where he opined on the impact of life extension on various 
    cultures, including things like a shift in how people approach personal 
    risk, suicide rates, definitions of legal majority.
    Has Wilson disclosed his social models with financial projections to the 
    list?  This scenario reminds me of his expansion on the global financial 
    impact of things like a cancer cure (MW, you should post to the group 
    your projections out on the cigarette/lung-cancer impact).
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