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From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 10:16:29 PST

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    Tackle Y2K woe, PM tells SMIs
       By Mergawati Zulfakar
       KUALA LUMPUR: Small- and medium-scale industries in the country have
       been told to act fast in preparations to face the Millennium Bug or
       2000 problem (Y2K).
       Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said while the Government
       and big companies were tackling the problem, he feared SMIs were not
       doing anything.
       "If they don't, they are going to get into serious trouble once we
       into 2000," he told reporters after chairing the sixth National
       Information Technology Council (NITC) meeting yesterday.
       The Millennium Bug refers to the inability of computer programmes to
       recognise the turn of the century. Many computers and machines could
       malfunction, causing billions of dollars in damage to business.
       Dr Mahathir advised SMIs to hire companies specialising in resolving
       problems related to the Millennium Bug to help them.
       The NITC, at its meeting, considered the set-up of a Y2K Bureau to
       alleviate problems like failure of electricity supply or ATM systems
       working with regulatory authorities to ensure organisations under their
       charge were dealing with the problem.
       The Prime Minister said that many people have misconceptions about the
       Y2K problem by assuming it was just a computer problem.
       "All computers in the world will face problems simply because the 00
       digits (in the year 2000) is less than 99 (1999). Actually, 00
       represents 2000 while 99 represents 1999," he said.
       Dr Mahathir said many people tend to write just the last two digits of
       year like 98 or 99 instead of 1998 or 1999 when storing records in
       "So if you refer to the records that are kept in the computer before
       1999 in the new millennium, you are going to get things wrong. All
       calculations will go wrong.
       "The computer, being "intelligent", probably won't recognise or cannot
       make it out and may go backwards instead of forward," he said.
       The Prime Minister also announced that Kuala Lumpur would host the
       Bank Conference on Global Knowledge next year.
       He said the Government had agreed to host the biennial conference which
       was initiated by the World Bank in Toronto last year.
       Elaborating on the conference, chief executive officer Datuk Tengku Dr
       Mohamed Azzman Shariffadeen said it was a new conference series
       initiated by the World Bank because of the changing economic, social
       political structure of the world driven by the knowledge paradigm.
       "They wanted a developing country to host the next event and that's why
       Malaysia was considered," he added.
       Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim also attended the
       which was represented by 21 members including several IT-related
       industry captains.

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