[IWAR] IRELAND RUC knowledge of attack?

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 10:32:50 PST

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    An Phoblacht/Republican News  Thursday 15 January 1998
                            [An Phoblacht/Republican News]
                                     Did RUC know
                                      of attack?
         AN PHOBLACHT HAS LEARNED that the RUC may have had prior knowledge of
           a loyalist attack on the night West Belfast man 28 year old Terry
          Enright was shot dead in the Space Club in Belfast city centre. The
         shooting took place in the early hours of Sunday morning 11 January.
         According to information we have received a senior RUC officer at the
         scene of the shooting said the RUC had information that a loyalist
         attack was planned and was overheard saying, ``we were told something
         was going to happen''.
         Our source said that the RUC officer claimed there was to be ``a high
         (secur loopbity) presence'' in the area because of the warning.
         However, according to other reports we received the only RUC patrol
         seen in the area actually passed the club, which is owned by a
         sister-in-law of PUP politician David Ervine, a short time before the
         killers' car.
         From our information the sequence of events at the time of the
         killing is: just after midnight an RUC patrol passthe Space
         Club and within minutes an AI taxi pulled up and some people who were
         going into the club got out. It was then that a red Sierra, with two
         gunmen on board, appeared and the driver opened fire.
         The driver fired from his seat while the passenger emerged, leaned
         across the roof and fired; both men had camouflage markings across
         their faces.
         Reports indicate that some of the club's bouncers were standing
         outside. Contrary to initial reports which said the shooting was
         indiscriminate, the firing was aimed at Terry Enright who, although
         hit in the stomach, managed to run down the narrow enclosed Talbot
         Street for about 40 or so yards before the passenger turned and
         fired. ``It was a corridor of death, there was nowhere to run,
         nowhere to hide,'' we were told.
         A witness to the events was adamant that the gunmen fired aimed shots
         and were quite cool in that the car didn't pull away from the scene
         immediately, but seemed to move off quite calmly.
         The car was later found burnt out in Severn Street in the East of the

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