Re: [IWAR] OPEN SOURCE articles of interest

From: noat_private
Date: Sun Feb 01 1998 - 15:45:51 PST

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    For pete's sake, Betty and Michael, get a clue. Stop doubling the
    bandwidth. ONE sending is enough.
    If you don't know how to work the internet, ask. Someone will tell you.
    Betty G.O'Hearn wrote:
    > At 08:17 PM 1/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
    > >Sure, go ahead.  I would like, net access/time permitting, to do it
    > >on a regular basis (which is why I went so far as to name it as _In
    > >the Open_, to try and create some continuity).  If you want, I'll
    > >send the textfile as an attachment, which should clear up that weird
    > >wordwrap problem I get occasionally.
    > >M
    > >
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