Re: [IWAR] MER: discussion and disagreement

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 16:11:53 PST

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    I certainly did not intend to insult Amb. Wilson or other members of the
    forum by addressing their comments. However, I vociferously disagree with
    the majority. I don't believe force is necessary in about 80% of the cases
    in which it's used. 
    Here's an idea for Iraq no one seems to consider. To depose Hussein, lift
    the sanctions and donate money to civil projects. Turn Babylon into a
    paradise on Earth. It would cost half of a major military effort, and
    certainly far less in immediate and long term costs than a first-strike
    nuclear confrontation. Especially build computer infrastructure and give
    the people access to the world's information resources, uncensored, and
    therefore a semblance of freedom and democracy. Give incentive to their
    military and people to _want_ to allow U.N. weapons inspectors everywhere.
    They'd realize what they missed under Hussein.
    Hussein is a thug, an oppressor, and a murderer, according to almost every
    available piece of information. "The good guys" shouldn't sink to his
    level with things like first-strike and killing of Iraqi civilians.
    Mark Hedges

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