[IWAR] Spy Touts Crypto

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 23:47:19 PST

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    >Frankfurt, Germany (AP) -- Germany's spy chief has denied U.S.
    >allegations that his agents spy on American companies, but he
    >warned German firms that such economic espionage is soaring
    >Bernd Schmidbauer said in comments published Saturday that, in
    >contrast to most countries' spy agencies, Germany's is not
    >involved in any economic espionage.
    >The Frankfurter Allgemeine daily reported that the FBI last
    >month accused Germany of running a post near Frankfurt that
    >eavesdrops on U.S. phones and tries to break into American
    >computer systems.
    >"We're astounded about those reports from the FBI," the
    >newspaper quoted Schmidbauer as saying. He said the post is
    >involved only in trying to prevent the spread of weapons of
    >mass destruction.
    >The FBI does not normally identify governments it suspects of
    >economic spying. But an article last month, written by an FBI
    >agent for the industry magazine Public Administration Review,
    >lists Germany along with France, Israel, China and South Korea
    >as major offenders.
    >The article said more than 700 investigations involving
    >economic espionage by foreign governments are pending before
    >the bureau. The FBI confirmed that figure last month.
    >The American Society for Industrial Security estimated that
    >American businesses lost $300 billion in intellectual property
    >to foreign and domestic spies last year.
    >Schmidbauer said German companies also are increasingly
    >targeted, and warned that any conversations, faxes or computer
    >information carried over phone lines or mobile phones could be
    >"A lot of money is being lost through this form of espionage,"
    >Schmidbauer said, without giving a figure. "And it's not only
    >east European spies that are snapping up know-how from German
    >"Our companies are relatively naive," he said. "Concrete steps
    >must be taken ... including encoding techniques."
    >Thanks to DN.

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