[IWAR] CHEM/BIO Jane's guide

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 12:36:00 PST

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    8 March 1998
    Source: Hardcopy The New York Times, March 8, 1998, p. 4-7 
     Word for Word / Jane's Fighting Germs 
     The Grim Do's and Deadly Don'ts Of Handling Chemical Attacks 
    MILITARY buffs know all about "Jane's Fighting Ships" and "Jane's All the
    World's Aircraft." Now how about "Jane's Fighting Germs"? 
    The folks who publish the Jane's military reference books don't actually use
    that title. But in a sign of the times, Jane's Information Group has just
    published "Jane's Chem-Bio Handbook," a $15 pocket guide for military, police
    and emergency personnel responding to suspected or real chemical or germ
    attacks. It comes on the heels of a more specialized tome, "Jane's U.S.
    Chemical-Biological Defense Guidebook" ($895). 
    [Follow link for rest of article]
    See also, "The Bioweaponeers": http://jya.com/bioweap.htm 

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