[IWAR] Help Requested on Possible Virus Situation

From: Gary Jakl (gjaklat_private)
Date: Sat Mar 14 1998 - 20:45:58 PST

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    Greetings everyone,
    Members of a professional association I belong to recently received a Virus
    Alert on the virus described below.  Research could find nothing to the
    contrary.  This included checking all known sources including McAfee, the DOE,
    and the Urban Myth pages. 
    Using AltaVista, search included all possible combinations of this heading and
    found nothing.   Has anyone else ever heard of this virus or are we facing
    something new here?  The premise sounds feasible although a method of
    dissemination is not explained.
      Your comments are appreciated . . .
    Gary Jakl
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    Sent: Friday, March 13, 1998  12:52 PM
    Subject: The NSF Virus
    A group of individuals got together because they were pissed off by the 
    National Science Foundation announcement that it would no longer allow direct 
    access to the the backbone of the internet. The NSF contracted with four 
    companies that would be providers of access to the backbone and these
    would then sell connections to groups, organizations, and companies.  The
    of individuals saw this is a  sellout and decided to take matters into their 
    own hands.
    This April 30, 1998  marks the second aniversary of this change and to 
    that they have released a virus that will activate on this date.
    Preliminary reports show that the virus alters key DLL files in the
    operating system that are directly responsible for connecting to the
    internet.  Once "infected", the virus lays dormant until April 30th.  On
    that day, it activates and rather than delete files, it begins to
    scramble them.  The result is a destroyed file system.
    Anti-virus companies have not been able to protect against this threat
    the virus is so new.  They suggest however that you check the file size of
    system files against known benchmark file sizes to detect infection.  The 
    alternative, to leave your computer turned off on the 30th of April, has
    ineffective as the virus will activate when turned back on.

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