[IWAR] FW: Long attachment on ACC/police complaint

From: Kasten, Kathy (KKASTENat_private)
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 17:13:00 PST

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    FYI; the continuing saga of Jack Schulman.  KK
    From: Pat
    Cc: 1927
    Subject: Long attachment on ACC/police complaint
    Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998 8:18PM
    >From the In Search Of List..........for your info:
    R. Dan Woolman wrote:
    > We are "In Search Of . . ." answers together. Each posting must reflect
    > personal respect, integrity, honesty, and full disclosure of information.
    > ----------
    > This message was forwarded to me by Lan Lamphere. I thought you would all 
    > interested in it contents.
    > Dan
    > --
    > I made good on my promise to give the district attorneys office in 
    > N.J. a call today. But that was after I had talked with the Chamber Of
    > Commerce in Cranford, N.J. too a Mrs. Sharon Hoeffer. She advised me that
    > the American Computer Company is on record, but only as a phone number and
    > no contact name is included. The Chamber has requested that ACC join the
    > Chamber as they continue to receive phone calls about them, and their
    > legitimacy. Wonder why..?
    > The American Computer Company has agreed to join the Chamber, but as I was
    > told by Bob Hoeffer, the
    > chairman of the chamber, ACC, and American Computer Sciences, has yet to
    > send in the requested information back to them. They did check the little
    > box that indicated that they would like to, or would join the chamber, but
    > nothing as of yet. I'll keep you posted on that one.
    > I then contacted the district attorneys office in Elizabeth N.J. as to the
    > liability to the whole fraud issue. It
    > seems to them that if Jack Schulman is advertising, or leading in his
    > advertisements that his computers
    > actually do have alien technology included in the hard or software, that
    > they should be held accountable to
    > prove it.
    > I was asked by one Sgt. Patrician Leonard ( Office of special 
    > )at the Union County Prosecutors Office. Administration Building Elizabeth
    > N.J. 07207
    > Phone 1-908-527-4658, to please send in to her and her team of 
    > a written report of all
    > claims and complaints to them for review. In doing so I would (You can 
    > guarantee a returned written
    > report on their findings, as to, or not to, prosecute Jack Schulman, and 
    > American Computer Company and American Computer Sciences. I will note that
    > several web addys and domain names point back to the American Computer
    > Sciences Company, or Organization, at 6 Commerce Drive, Cranford N.J.
    > I am asking all of you that are interested in knowing the truth, as well 
    > filling a legitimate complaint with the district attorneys office for
    > the possibility that the American Computer Company perpetrated a fraud in
    > advertising, and sales of their supposed "Alien Technology" that is 
    > to be included in their new computer systems.
    > The claim is so strong that anyone who has ever wanted to know about, or
    > held a belief that alien craft crash landed in Rosewell N.M in the 40's, 
    > openly inquire as to weather or not this claim is real. In short.. such a
    > wild claim deserves real investigation and it starts with you.
    > You can participate. As a matter of a fact,... Sgt. Leonard requested that
    > all, "everyone" who has had a dispute, or disagreements with the American
    > Computer Company and it's representatives, fake or real, write to them 
    > the complaint.
    > You must detail your experience with them, and include copies or 
    > of the text that was directed to you, and mail it, or fax the information 
    > the attention of Sgt. Leonard. I would like to point out that the more
    > people who actually spend a little time in their pursuit of the truth in
    > this matter will be rewarded in the long run. So make sure that your
    > complaint is valid.
    > If you do not know what the charge is that you can press, just be give a
    > detailed account of the events that took place, and what mental state of
    > mind the letter, reply, or threat, or miscommunication, or lie lead you to
    > believe. Sgt Leonard will advise you of your position in the future with a
    > written report.
    > Fraud has a great many meanings. Whether it is fraud of money, or fraud of
    > information that can lead to a
    > representation of another meaning through a lie, cover up, or
    > misrepresentation.
    > In short.. If Jack Schulman and the American Computer Company which he
    > represents can not prove that his company has uncovered alien technology
    > obtained from AT&T or Lucent, then he has perpetrated a fraud, or produced
    > fraudulent information in a public light. If he has made a profit from 
    > information, then he is accountable in a court of law, and will be judged 
    > a jury of his peers.
    > So.. I ask you to assist me with the this task for all those people that
    > have been lead into a whole of lies and
    > deceit by the ranting and ravings of a mad man. (IMHO). One that 
    > can not, or will not produce the necessary information to substantiate his
    > claim, and who continues to advertise the new technology that has been
    > gained from the broken alien craft, supposedly in 1947 in Rosewell N.M.
    > The address once again is..
    > Union County Prosecutors
    > Sgt. Patricia Leonard
    > Administration Building
    > Elizabeth N.J.
    > 07207
    > Or you can call for more information to her at
    > 1-908-527-4658
    > Sgt. Leonard has given me permission to place this information on the web,
    > or mail list.
    > I would like to thank her for her help, and your help in this matter. It 
    > time for this nonsense to come to a halt. One way or another.
    > Lan Lamphere
    > If you would like to respond, or have something to ad to this 
    > please go to the link below and make yourself heard.
    > http://www.windchaser.com/chat/boards/de~martyr
    > Peace
    > Lan

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