[IWAR] SPAM Ever wanted to be a hacker?

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 11:28:08 PDT

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    Looks like this came from a student in Ecuador. By now, thousands have
    received this message. Hey, $12 and I can learn how to hack the CIA web
    site. -hedges-
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    >Subject: Ever wanted to be a hacker?
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    >Have you ever wandered how people called hackers keep on annoying
    >government agencies and major corporations? Most secure government
    >information is not a secret to these people, no protection guarantees
    >safety against their breaking in. Some people may think that in order to
    >be a hacker one must be extraordinary smart, use expensive equipment and
    >have contacts with the underground world. This is not true.
    >Recent studies show that a computer user is at least twenty percent
    >smarter than an average person. If you are reading this you are smart
    >enough. All the equipment you need is your computer and modem. And try to
    >avoid contacts with the underground world - they are trouble. All you
    >really need is information. For the first time information kept secret
    >both by government and hackers is available to public. Our informational
    >report contains everything you need to know about hacking including:
    >*"Hackers 101" - the ultimate and comprehensive step by step guide to how
    >it's done. This incredible guide written by an accomplished hacker
    >especially for beginners will answer following questions:
    >-What should you know about hacking and where to start?
    >-Programs needed.
    >-List of access numbers.
    >-How keep yourself safe.
    >-Cracking programs, what they do and how they work.
    >-UNIX, an easy approach.
    >-Password shadowing.
    >-Brute force hacking.
    >..and much more.
    >*Hacker resources on the Internet: The most complete collection of real
    >life hackers websites where you can find:
    >-most recent know-how and techniques
    >-news from the world of hacking
    >-tones of other useful information.
    >You can receive our report as a printed material (only $9), on a floppy in
    >*.txt format (only $7) or by email in *.txt format/ZIP file (only $7). For
    >domestic orders S&H is free. For orders from Alaska, Hawaii and foreign
    >countries please add $5 for S&H.
    >Order now and as a free bonus you will receive a guide to Internet sites
    >with thousands of totally free software titles (limited time only). Send
    >cash, check or money order to TWS, PO Box 1357 Rancho Cordova, CA 95741.
    >For check orders please allow one week for clearance.
    >Please keep in mind that any information we provide is for educational
    >purposes only. TWS is not responsible for any actions of its clients.

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