[IWAR] The Chiapas Info War

From: Ann Rosenthal (rosenthal_annat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 06:57:41 PDT

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    I have copied this from a message I received as a member of a list I'm
    studying.  The organization is one of many outside of Mexico which are
    supporting the activism in southeastern Mexico.
    Ann Rosenthal
    >I just sent messages of April 10 Electronic CD actions to 40 editors at the
    >New York Times. I've announced it to Wired magazine. And it has gone out to
    >many other addresses.
    >Once a month we should have a
    >World Wide Web of Electronic Civil Disobedience to Stop the War in Chiapas!
    >The next day can be May 10 (Mexican Mother's Day). This day also ends a
    >month of activity that the NCDM kicks off on April 10. And presumably there
    >will be demonstrations in Mexico again.
    >What would be good dates in June, July, and August????
    >Isn't there a big Acts of Resistance thing at the end of August in Toronto?
    >Could we have virtual acts of resistance happening on the Net during the
    >same time that folks are on the ground in Toronto??
    >September 16 is good because it is Mexican Independence Day
    >October 2 is good because it is the 30th anniversary of the Tlatelolco
    >(sp?) Massacre in Mexico City in which over 300 (or maybe many more)
    >people, mostly students, were killed by the Mexican Army. My guess is that
    >there will definitely be things happening on this day.
    >What about November?
    >December 22 will be first anniversary of 1997 Acteal Massacre
    >January 1 will be the fifth anniversary of the 1994 Zapatista revolution. .
    >Other ideas?
    >PS. I've received supportive comments for this notion of ECD from many
    >different quarters. So far there have been few if any people raising
    >critical opinions. I have received one spam though of about 1,000 email
    >messages. I expect that I will be targetted with similar tactics that I've
    >been openly advocating. But these are risks I'm willing to take. I'm hoping
    >that this idea of Electronic Civil Disobedience will catch like wildfire
    >and that quite soon there will be hundreds of websites all over the world
    >openly advocated Electronic Civil Disobedience to Stop the War in Chiapas.
    >We'll see what happens. This is still at the level of test case, a beta
    >action, a dress rehearsal. I'm sticking my neck out on the line by putting
    >this call on my web page. But I suspect that some of you will soon start
    >adding mirror sites and that eventually there will be a good number of
    >sites with this info on it. That way if one site, or one person, gets taken
    >out, there are others to fall back to.

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