[IWAR] US CRYPTO Everyone vs. Reno and Freeh

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 17:21:37 PDT

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    This is somewhat a test. The bounces last week were, I think, my fault,
    when I tried to switch the list to the 7pillars.com domain name. In the
    crypto news, U.S. Commerce Secretary admits export restrictions cause
    problems, and NSA publishes (months ago) a report on the dangers and
    limitations of key recovery, including some informative human threat
    models. -hedges-
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    >   It seems as unthinkable as Sen. Dan Coats winning an ACLU free speech
    >   award. Commerce Secretary William Daley this morning said his own
    >   agency's encryption export restrictions have harmed high tech firms.
    >   "The reality is that encryption products are rapidly multiplying in
    >   the global marketplace," he said at an event where he unveiled a
    >   mammoth electronic commerce report. "The ultimate result will be the
    >   foreign dominance of this market." Daley advised the FBI and the
    >   computer industry to sit down for a friendly chat, shake hands, and
    >   cut a deal -- though he said, "I don't want to lay out what the
    >   compromise would be." Trade associations welcomed Daley's cathartic
    >   admission of Commerce Department guilt. "No kidding," says Lauren Hall
    >   of the Software Publishers Association. "That's what industry has been
    >   arguing for six years. But industry is not going to reach a compromise
    >   that puts data security and privacy at risk." Problem is: the FBI may
    >   not agree to anything else. --By Declan McCullagh/Washington
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    >Federal Computer Week has put the NSA critique of key
    >recovery on its Web site:
    >   http://www.fcw.com/pubs/fcw/1998/0413/web-nsareport-4-14-1998.html
    >See a related FCW article today about it at:
    >   http://www.fcw.com/pubs/fcw/1998/0413/web-nsacdt-4-14-1998.html
    >The blacked out portions of the diagrams await decoding.

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