[IWAR] TERROR ME anti-terror pact

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 16:17:43 PDT

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    Arab nations to sign anti-terrorism pact
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       CAIRO, Egypt (April 20, 1998 1:25 p.m. EDT http://www.nando.net) --
       After years of debate, Arab countries have agreed to cooperate to fight
       terrorism, Egypt's Middle East News Agency reported Monday.
       The agreement would exclude attacks on Israel from its definition of
       terrorist acts.
       The pact is to be signed at a meeting of interior and justice ministers
       from the 22-member Arab League in Cairo on Wednesday.
       The news agency quoted a report issued Monday by a committee of the
       ministers, which said the pact has been accepted by all Arab countries.
       Egypt and Algeria, which are battling fundamentalist movements, have
       been lobbying for an agreement on terrorism for two years.
       The pact calls on Arab countries to deny financial support to groups
       that launch attacks on other nations in the region and to exchange
       information on terrorist groups. It outlines cooperation for the
       investigation and arrest of suspected extremists and establishes
       guidelines for their extradition.
       The report accused Israel of being a terrorist state and said the pact
       specifically exempts militant acts against the Jewish state.
       The Arabs have long accused the Jews of illegally taking Palestinian
       land 50 years ago to create the state of Israel and of continuing to
       suppress Palestinian efforts to obtain rights.
       The agreement also states that any attacks against ruling regimes in the
       Arab world or the families of the rulers should be treated as criminal
       attacks and not politically motivated attacks.

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