From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 12:18:20 PDT

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    Overview: CALEA is the bill which tries to force telephone infrastructure
    companies to install equipment which provides the FBI remote desktop
    wiretapping capability for 1% of all USA phonecalls. That's an awful lot of
    calls... the kind of volume one needs for a priori suspicion and expert
    system monitoring. Privacy people fight it for obvious reasons. Telephone
    companies fight it because it only gave them $500 million and that's far
    from their cost to install Big Brother into every switch. Updates will
    doubtless eventually arrive, though I couldn't detect anything new in
    usenet or web... or on the nytimes web site. -hedges-
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    >NYT's John  Markoff reports today on a suit to be filed
    >today by the cellular phone industry against CALEA regs
    >on wiretapping -- alleging improper FBI guidelines under
    >the legislation. A lead on getting a copy of the filing would
    >be appreciated; U.S. District Court in Washington DC is
    >the venue.

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