[IWAR] SCIENTOLOGY xenu and the clambake project

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 14:06:44 PDT

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    For all those who want to keep tabs on this growing, weird, and rather
    significantly wealthy cult, here's some good (and completely hysterical)
    web resources.
    .ram and .ra files require RealPlayer to display the audio and video. See
    http://www.real.com to download the free version of RealPlayer.
    http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/xemurams - the Xenu Afterschool Special.
    http://www.xs4all.nl/~xemu/         - the Xemu Home Page
    http://www.xenu.net                 - Operation Clambake:
                                          Undressing Scientology
    Apparently, some disgruntled Scientologists fed up with the $1000 fees to
    take silly EKG tests have published many Scientologist 'secrets' through
    anonymous remailers. The Scientologists pursue them with all kinds of
    lawsuits like they run the show.
    It's extremely wacky.
    People dedicate their lives to this sci-fi nonsense. They build huge
    churches. It's very expensive to join and advance. So far, no one's
    mentioned anything about Scientology armaments or miltary/infowar
    capabilities. 'Snowcrash' by Neal Stephenson predicts a Scientologist Navy.
    Apparently the Greeks recently kicked them out of the country for
    conspiracy. All kinds of good info at Clambake.
    >From the latter site listed above:
    >Hubbard said Scientologists could scare critics with any means, they
    >could lie, trick and destroy anybody who dared to criticise
    >Scientology. The result was that most people, and especially the
    >media, didn't dare to write or say much. If they did, CoS would be
    >there with their lawyers. That's why this cult still manage to destroy
    >people, and keep on marketing their scam. But a new breed of critics
    >are coming, we invite CoS to sue us. Because of Internet we can join
    >forces, and not to forget share all the information! This network is the
    >biggest threat to dangerous cults like the Church of Scientology. I will
    >not allow even the Scientologists to set the standard for how bastards
    >can take advantage of the system.
    The Scientologists are serious, too. They're high-powered, rich, and
    lawsuit-trigger-happy. They're scared that if everyone finds out how
    ludicrous their inner secrets really are, they'll be laughed at. I've seen
    some documents. I laughed. Can I be sued for laughing these days?

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