[IWAR] CLINTON/BROWN Ron Brown crash due to bad charts

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Date: Sat May 23 1998 - 12:40:07 PDT

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    Jeppesen Lawsuit
    The families of eight people who died with U.S. Commerce
    Secretary Ron Brown in the crash of an Air Force transport
    in Croatia are suing Jeppesen Sanderson for $170 million,
    claiming it published an inaccurate chart that caused the
    The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Denver against
    Jeppesen & Co. GMBH, the German-owned subsidiary of Jeppesen
    Sanderson, Inc. of Englewood, Colo. In response to an
    earlier lawsuit over the crash, Jeppesen Sanderson officials
    said the chart was produced in accordance with instructions
    from the Croatian government.
    The crash occurred on April 3, 1996 near Cilipi Airport in
    Dubrovnik, Croatia. All 35 people aboard the USAF Boeing 737
    were killed when it struck a hillside during landing in bad
    According to the suit, Jeppesen's chart changed the approach
    procedures set by the Republic of Croatia for Cilipi
    Airport. More specifically, the lawsuit claims the Jeppesen
    chart contained a minimum descent altitude that was too low
    and a nondirectional beacon approach procedure that couldn't
    be conducted safely because of nearby mountains.
    The suit also claims the chart didn't inform pilots that
    only aircraft with two radios could safely execute the
    approach, it didn't list the beacon radio stations to be
    used for the approach and it failed to warn pilots of
    dangers of the approach procedures.
    Jeppesen denies the allegations.

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