Re: [IWAR] Y2K survivalists

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 22:34:59 PDT

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    Fantastic fearmongering propaganda.
    >Christian economist and Y2K preacher
    > Gary North,
    Does 'moneylender in the temple' ring a bell?
    > estimates that "martial
    > law will be declared no later than Jan. 15. At that
    > point, things will start getting worse ...
    > I think
    > there will be a collapse of Western civilization if
    > the power grid does go down,
    Wasn't western civilization around before the 'power grid' which everyone's
    come to somehow depend on in the last 50 years?
    Sheesh, my mom didn't even have electricity for a while growing up. So what?
    > "I'm not God -- I can't say definitively what's
    > going to happen," Milne says. "What I can say is
    > that when people don't have the basic elements for
    > survival, they are not going to come out on their
    > lawns and hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya.'
    I didn't realize my microwave was a 'basic element of survival'.
    > Either way, the Y2K survivalists -- with their
    > Survival Domes and cans of beans -- intend to be
    > ready.
    Are you all worried about this?
    I'm not. It should be interesting. I think a lot of these gun-toting Y2K
    survivalists are bloodthirsty and looking for an excuse to shoot someone.
    I'm concerned more about violence inflicted by them than I am about single
    moms who get a welfare check dated 1900. I actually have some faith in most
    humans, that they will get together and figure out how to fix things and do
    it and go on living. Computer systems will be reprogrammed or scrapped and
    replaced, and the next time around we'll do it right.
    The U.S. government meatgrinder machine needs a kick in the pants anyway. A
    lot of people are ecstatic that the damned IRS may grind to a halt. I
    remember they took my aunt out of the high school english class she taught
    and berated her in the hallway for back taxes which her ex-husband hadn't
    paid for his business. Everyone I know can tell a story about the IRS
    abusing someone they know personally. Yay! Virtual Robin Hood!

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