Re: [IWAR] US/FEMA EO 13083, am I stupid?

From: Christopher Effgen (buildat_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 14:34:17 PDT

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    Mark Hedges,
    If anything
    > it's just useful to reinvigorate the issue and I fell for it. --mark--
    I looked at the thing, and do not see what the issue here is about.
    Maybe you did fall for it....
    Raising this as an issue, to reinvigorate the issue of federal control over the
    states, when it is not at all about the subject is not a good thing.
    I did stop by the White House web site  and looked for a copy of the order, and
    could not find it.
    Perhaps someone is playing a game here?
    I do not know.

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