[IWAR] more on EO1303

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 22:41:52 PDT

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    Still from freecongress.org, but that order's a layered bit of work which
    deserves careful scrutiny--- it reshapes the boundaries of federal control.
    >Executive Order 13083: A Threat To Liberty?
    >"I'm not prepared to say this constitutes possible marshal law or
    >suspension of the Constitution, but what I've read of it, and I've gone
    >over it many, many times, is very worrisome.  Because if you look at it,
    >it says that Clinton, by his authority, the authority vested in him as
    >President by the Constitution, and the laws of the United States, he
    >goes on to say 'I can therefore do all of this'," stated Cliff Kincaid,
    >journalist and director of America's Survival Inc., a guest on the Free
    >Congress Foundation's "Endangered Liberties," discussing Executive Order
    >13083 issued by President Clinton.
    >Kincaid continued, "Let me just give you a couple of quotes.... He says
    >in this Executive Order on federalism: in matters of national or
    >multi-state scope that justify federal action, various things could
    >happen.  The President, he says can act, quote, 'when states have not
    >adequately protected individual rights and liberties.... The President's
    >going to decide when states have not protected individual rights and
    >liberties. It gives him dictatorial power.  He also says 'the President
    >will act when the matter relates to federally owned or managed property
    >or natural resources, trust obligations or international obligations.'
    >So the President's going to decide if somehow we have to meet certain
    >international obligations - maybe a treaty - so then the President can
    >take action to override the states, override the law.  I mean this is so
    >open-ended it's really troubling."

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