CRIME Meeting Today @ 10am@Verizon--Last Call + NIPC Report

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Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 07:26:43 PST


    Last call to come and hear Dave Aucsmith, Intel, discuss salient national
    and transnational information security and technology issues.  See you
    NIPC Report below--
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    NIPC Daily Report, 11 December 2001
    NOTE:  Please understand that this is for informational purposes only
    and does not constitute any verification of the information contained in
    the report nor does this constitute endorsement by the NIPC or the FBI.
    Significant Developments -  The DALnet Exploits Prevention team,  a 
    group of Internet volunteers, has defused the Goner worm's primary 
    payload and taken control of the Internet relay channel used by Goner to
    establish an information center for personal computers infected with the
    worm.  While new systems continue to be infected by Goner, the worm's 
    authors worm are unable to amass Goner-compromised systems to conduct 
    malicious activities.  (Source: Newsbytes, 10 December)
    On 9 December, the hacking group "Anti India Crew" (AIC), breached five 
    Internet servers operated by the General Accounting Office (GAO).   The 
    compromised systems included two servers that handle the accounting 
    office's e-mail, as well as a file transfer system and two Web servers. 
      The agency's main Web site was not affected. 
    E-mails sent to some GAO services were bounced back on 10 December with 
    "mailbox unavailable" error messages.  AIC is part of a hacking 
    coalition calling itself the Al-Qaeda Muslim Alliance.  Other members 
    include "GForce Pakistan" and "Pakistan Hackerz Club."  (Source: 
    Newsbytes, 10 December)	
    Private Sector -  Holiday e-cards may spread viruses.  Be wary of 
    seemingly upbeat e-mail notes from family and friends that direct 
    picking up personal messages at legitimate-sounding web sites.   Often 
    those sites are fake, as are the e-mails that carry them.  Clicking the 
    URL may install a Trojan and downloading from the site unleashes 
    malicious code instead of a holiday greeting.  The attachment, sometimes
    labeled "e-card.vbs,." may resemble an e-greeting, but is really an 
    attacker's ploy to prey on the curiosity and ignorance of the user. 
    (Source: Security Wire Digest, 10 December)
    Russell Silverland-Bishop of security services firm NSC Global,  argues 
    that Holistic approaches to security that include a central network 
    overview offer the best protection.  Says, Silverland-Bishop, "We are 
    trying to raise the awareness of administrators who may think that once 
    they put in a firewall, they have done all that is required of them. 
    Administrators have to be a lot more proactive and set up a range of 
    measures, including intrusion-detection systems."  (Source: ZDNet UK, 8 
    Water Supply -  A federal order directing libraries to destroy CD copies
    of a public water supply database raised concerns about restricting 
    information in the name of national security.  Critics say ordering 
    libraries to destroy public records goes beyond purging sensitive 
    information from government Web sites.  Federal officials ordered all 
    libraries that received the discs to destroy them.  The CD was compiled 
    to help those researching improvements in water supply safety.  The 
    database contains no analysis of vulnerable points, but does document 
    locations of critical infrastructure such as intake pipes.  The USGS may
    later issue a more limited version.  (Source: Water Technology Online, 
    10 December)

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