[PLUG-ANNOUNCE] ANNOUNCEMENT: February Adv Linux Topics (ALT) Meeting

From: Zot O'Connor (zot@private)
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 21:40:54 PST

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                             MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT
                        The Advanced Linux Topics Group
                                  will meet
                         7 PM Wednesday Feb 20, 2002
                           It's A Beautiful Pizza
    			   3341 SE Belmont
    		 Cryptography Technologies -- Part 2
    			      Alan Olsen
          This will be a continuation of the discussion several months
          ago, including interaction with mailers, and a key signing.
          Keep your calendar open for this exciting topic; there will be
          a more detailed explanation in the next reminder.
               Alan Olsen                	ClueServer
                  7:00 - 7:10  Introduction
                  7:10 - 9:00  Presentation
              Please feel free to consume products offered by our
    	  host during the presentation. Consumption of products
    	  supports our continued use of this facility, but costs
    	  associated with said consumption must be born by the
    	  consumers; we have no sponsors for this event.
    	 East on Belmont to Zupan's Grocery, then find a place to
    	 park other than Zupan's lot. Pizza is two doors east of
    	 Zupan's, on the North side of the street. (They may be on
    	 the south side of the street; they are moving, but have
    	 promised that there will be space for us to meet in.)
    	 BUS: #15    http://www.tri-met.org/schedule/r015.htm
    	 	     10 frequency (east/west) 3:30 to 6:30.
    	 	     15 frequency (east/west) 6:30 to 9:00.
    	 	     30 frequency (east/west) 9:00 to 12:00.
    	 BUS: #75    http://www.tri-met.org/schedule/r075.htm
    	 	     ?? frequency (north/south) <5 blocks east>
    	 If you cross the Morrison Bridge Eastbound, you land on
    	 Belmont, continue straight about 30 blocks. Parking is
    	 at a premium for those who drive. The place will be on
    	 your left just past Zupan's. The 'sign' is a yellow
    	 banner hanging from the wall above the awning, and pretty
    	 hard to read at nite.
    	 Belmont is one block south of Morrison, 5 blocks south of
    	 Stark, 10 blocks south of Burnside; and 6 blocks north of
    	 Although I dislike the form of MapQuest links, I _do_ like
    	 their pictures; This was provided by Mike Culbertson:
    Zot O'Connor
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