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    July 02, Associated Press
    Warning of massive hacker attacks. Hackers plan to attack thousands of
    sites Sunday in a loosely coordinated "contest" that could disrupt
    traffic. Organizers established a Web site,,
    in broken English the rules for hackers who might participate. The Chief
    Information Officers Council cautioned U.S. agencies and instructed
    to tighten security at federal Web sites. The New York Office of
    Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination warned Internet
    providers and other organizations that the goal of the hackers was to
    vandalize 6,000 Web sites in six hours, and urged companies to change
    default computer passwords, begin monitoring Web site activities more
    aggressively, remove unnecessary functions from server computers and
    the latest software repairs. The purported "prize" for participating
    was 500-megabytes of online storage space, which made little sense to
    computer experts who said hackers capable of breaking into thousands of
    computers could easily steal that amount of storage on corporate
    July 02, Computerworld
    World Radiocommunications group OKs new spectrum for WLANs worldwide.
    Delegates to the International Telecommunication Union's World
    Radiocommunications Conference 2003 (WRC-03) in Geneva gave final
    Monday to a new global allocation for wireless LANs that operate in the
    5-GHz spectrum band, according to John Alden, a spokesman for the U.S.
    delegation. The U.S. WRC delegation said the decision will harmonize the
    spectrum available for WLAN use worldwide, "allowing manufacturers to
    achieve economies of scale and lowering deployment costs for networks--a
    advantage for deployment of broadband capabilities in developing
    The WRC's decision said countries should take "appropriate measures" to
    restrict use of the 5250-to-5350-MHz bands to indoor use. Member states
    the European Union had pushed for this provision because of their
    that outdoor use in that band could cause interference with aircraft
    navigation systems. Source:,10801,82727,00.
    Internet Security Systems - AlertCon: 2 out of 4
    Last Changed 10 June 2003
    Security Focus ThreatCon: 1 out of 4
    Last Changed 11 June 2003
    Current Virus and Port Attacks
    Virus: #1 Virus in USA: WORM_LOVGATE.F
    Source:, Trend World Micro Virus
    Tracking Center [Infected Computers, North America, Past 24 hours, #1 in
    United States]
    Top 10 Target Ports:
    137 (netbios-ns), 80 (www), 445 (microsoft-ds), 1434 (ms-sql-m), 113
    (ident), 139 (netbios-ssn), 7294 (---), 4662 (eDonkey2000), 9007 (---),
    Source:; Internet Storm Center
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