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Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 18:45:43 PDT

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    Well, I assume you are in Oregon.
    Representative Phil Barnhart from Eugene/Springfield introduced the
    "Open Source for Software Bill" (HB 2892) this legislative session. Karen
    Minnis (Speaker of the House) buried the bill, so it isn't going anywhere.
    I gave 4 pages to "Should Governments Go Open Source?"
    in the July/August issue of IEEE Software Magazine (written
    by one of our freelancers, not me :-):

    (unfortunately, if you don't have an electronic subscription to IEEE
    Software, the IEEE Computer Society will try and clip you $19 for
    the article - I am just responsible for the content, not the subscription
    policies - sorry :-(
    Texas, Oklahoma and Rhode Island are looking into Open Source as is
    New York City.
    A large number of other countries have passed  laws encouraging the
    use of open source software, from Peru to China.
    MITRE has produced a report that details the widespread use of open
    source software within the Federal Govt:
    Robert Johnston wrote:
    >Is anyone working on getting legislation passed that directs the state to use
    >open source software before going commercial?  Giving the budget crises et al.
    >I tried to get budget numbers on what we are paying for commercial software
    >packages that could easily be replaced by GNU based products.  No-one has or is
    >willing to give me any information.  
    >I just read in LJ that a couple of states had run into resistance from MS and
    >others when trying to push this through.  I am thinking about getting some
    >interested folk together to get see what we can do.  
    >Any comments?
    >Robert Johnston
    >Datajockeys, LLC 
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