From: Seth Arnold (sarnold@private)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 21:05:37 PDT

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    On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 07:22:32PM -0700, Kuo, Jimmy wrote:
    > Is there any study that shows that using Open Source results in savings?
    Since a significant amount of government systems are bespoke
    configurations, I'd be extremely surprised if state or federal
    governments could see any savings via open source software --
    they wind up contracting most of it anyway. The rest of it is
    off-the-shelf officesuite stuff. And no matter how much anyone
    may try to defend Open Office, it just isn't there yet.
    But it sure is tempting to think that saving $x * 100 per seat
    for OS, then $y * 100 for office suite, then $z * 10 for antivirus,
    then $w * 10 for perseat SERVER licenses, then $v * 1000 for per
    machine SERVER licenses, that putting up with a slow and crufty office
    suite might be worth it.
    I'm not convinced either way. (And before you suggest security,
    I don't buy that either. Glass houses, stones, throwing, pots,
    kettle, black, etc. The only place Open Source wins in security,
    in my experience, is that patches for problems come out miles
    faster than similar fixes from proprietary sources.)
    "So the whole internet is a Ponzi scheme" -- Jon Stewart

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