Re: CRIME Nasty scam?

From: Michael S Curtis (Michael.S.Curtis@private)
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 11:24:28 PDT

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    Hi John, I have a machine dedicated to having bad things happen to it.
    First glance, this installs a spyware cookie pointing to,
    we'll see what else.
    Michael Curtis
    Information Security Officer
    Law Enforcement Data System
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    >>> "Christiansen, John (SEA)" <JohnC@private> 7/31/2003
    10:46:12 AM >>>
    Folks -
    I just got this v. suspicious message. My assumption is that were I to
    on the link bad things would happen and my IT department would hate me
    I would hate myself), but I am curious. I have edited the link to make
    ineffective - I assume most on this list wouldn't do something this
    dumb but
    don't want to be responsible for some lurker, etc. screwing up - if
    is interested in figuring out what the point is I'd be happy to forward
    original message and links off-list and would love to know your
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