CRIME ATM scam explained...

From: Zot O'Connor (zot@private)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 13:41:10 PST

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    Posted by timothy on Monday February 23, @06:09PM
    from the picture-taker-worth-a-thousand-bucks dept.
    Bert64 writes "A chap at work was recently the victim of an ATM card
    skimmer which took his card details, cloned them and allowed the
    fraudster to take 550 pounds out of his account. Having tried to explain
    how the fraudsters can hide a camera and card reader around the ATM, he
    decided it would be easier to show one of them after a few drinks down
    the pub. He was a little surprised to find that the machine he chose had
    a card reader and camera in place. These were removed and analysed, we
    believe we have reclaimed about 800 pounds worth of kit. Result:
    Zot O'Connor

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