CRIME Meeting -- Note Changes (fwd)

From: Mark Morrissey (markem@private)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2005 - 08:49:04 PST

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Happy New Year Folks!

2005 will bring a skosh of a change to the CRIME gigs.  This year they
will be on 2nd Wednesdays, 10AM-Noon, at the Forestry Center, just across
the parking lot (west side) from the Zoo main Entrance.  So you can park
in the same lot; but now just go to the Forestry Center instead of the
Zoo; and go there a day later (2nd Wednesdays of the month).  The next
meeting will therefore be--

Where: Forestry Center at the Zoo

When: 10-Noon, 2nd Wednesdays

Next CRIME meeting: Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Speaker: Tab Pierce of out of Seattle

Topic:   "Threat Modeling"

See you there!


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