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I agree with Crispin.

However, on a "discussion" level, the problem is that some people have
defined "pornography" as negative to start with.  However, the same media
content may be considered pornography by one and not by another.  In that
situation, the statement becomes true by definition.  :-(

And in fact, the Supreme Court has left pornography laws in exactly that
situation, "community standards."


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It says quite clearly on page 13 "Talk with your children about the
existence and nature of pornography; as they reach puberty, assure them that
there's nothing wrong with being interested in sex, but that pornography is
not a healthy way of learning about wholesome, loving relations."

I take issue with their claim that porn is not healthy :) To the contrary,
attempting to suppress sexual interests is what is not healthy. IMHO, of


Mancini, Steve wrote:
> I did a powerskim of the content, seems the advice is sound. Good 
> manual for the novices out there.
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