RE: [Crime] : Guidelines for Safe Internet brownsing for minors

From: Andrew Plato (andrew.plato@private)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 08:39:57 PDT

Reminds me of the South Park I saw last night. Tweak was flipping out
because he though perverts and lunatics were out to get him everywhere.
There is a fine line between common sense and fear mongering.

This is a terrible manual for novices. Its 82 pages long! I lost
interest after the first two paragraphs. Its written in a stilted,
academic manner that lectures to the reader in a somewhat condescending
manner. This tone may be okay for experts and scientists (who are used
to big egos), but novices will turn away immediately. 

It also has an ENTIRE PAGE dedicated to talking about all the amazing
things the author did. I am all for shameless self promotion - but

People won't absorb complex information if it isn't presented in a
format they can understand. This is the point I keep making to all
security professionals. Complex security and compliance issues are
BORING to most people. You have to simplify these concepts and explain
them in clear, cost/benefit manner. 

I think a better item for novices is the Stop! Think! Click! Stuff from
the feds.  Its government product -
so it's a little dry. But, its more accessible than that white paper. 

Andrew Plato, CISSP, CISM
President/Principal Consultant
Anitian Enterprise Security


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I did a powerskim of the content, seems the advice is sound. Good manual
for the novices out there.
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