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From: James.Holleyat_private
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 16:58:17 PDT

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    >> Is there any easy way to append from individual CDs to a device file?
    Have you tried the skip and count options of dd?
    For simplicity, lets assume you have a 6GB IDE hard drive to image
    attached as /dev/hdd (slave drive on secondary IDE controller) and a 10GB
    drive to write the image to (mounted at /mnt/evidence1). And lets assume
    the 6GB "evidence" has exactly 12,582,912 sectors (makes the math easier).
            512 bytes per sector x 2048 sectors = 1,048,576 bytes = 1MB
            512 bytes per sector x 2097152 sectors = 1,073,741,824 bytes = 1GB
                    (I know some drive manufacturers advertise that 1GB =
    1,000,000,000 bytes, so
                    use that math if you like it better.  1,000,000,000 bytes
    = 1,953,125 sectors)
            (2097152 sectors / GB) x 6GB = 12,582,912 sectors
    # Imaging the 1st 600MB of the device into img.1
    # bs=1048576 = 1MB
    # count=600 counts 600MB into the image
    # create a 600MB file called img.1
    dd if=/dev/hdd of=/mnt/evidence1/img.1 bs=1048576 count=600
    # skip the 1st 600MB  and then count the next 600MB into img.2
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=600 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.2
    # skip the first 2 600MB blocks and count the next 600MB into img.3
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=1200 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.3
    # continue to use skip and count to break evidence into 600MB chunks
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=1800 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.4
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=2400 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.5
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=3000 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.6
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=3600 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.7
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=4200 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.8
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=4800 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.9
    dd if=/dev/hdd bs=1048576 skip=5400 count=600 of=/mnt/evidence1/img.10
    # you have now imaged 6000 of the 1MB chunks
    # end script for 10GB drive
    You can take this idea out to 60GB if you want. Its just math using skip
    and count options.
    Then burn each .img file to a CD-ROM
    Then to restore the image to a suitable hard drive at /dev/hdc, use the
    following command lines (can't use a script since you are mounting and
    umounting a CD each time), assuming you mount the CD containing the .img
    file to /mnt/cdrom. (You can use a script if you restore directly from the
    /mnt/evidence1 drive
    # use dd to restore the first 600MB from img.1 to /dev/hdc
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.1 of=/dev/hdc
    # umount cdrom with img.1 and mount cdrom with img.2
    # use seek=600 on /dev/hdc to skip over 1st restored 600MB and lay down
    next 600MB
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.2 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=600
    # use seek=1200 to skip over first 1.2G of restored image and lay down
    next 600MB
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.3 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=1200
    # ect etc with seek to skip over restored data on /dev/hdc and lay down
    next 600MB chunk of image
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.4 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=1800
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.5 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=2400
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.6 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=3000
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.7 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=3600
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.8 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=4200
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.9 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=4800
    # and finally, use seek=5400 to skip over the first 5.4GB of restored data
    on /dev/hdc and lay down last 600MB of image
    dd if=/mnt/cdrom/img.10 of=/dev/hdc bs=1048576 seek=5400
    # now the entire 6GB is restored
    Very simplistic, I know. There are a few more command line options you
    should probably use as well, but you get the basic idea of using skip,
    count and seek with dd.
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