Re: How do we do our job?

From: Damir Rajnovic (Damir.Rajnovicat_private)
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 07:48:56 PDT

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    At 6:50 -0700 30/4/98, Bennett Todd wrote:
    >In fact, I've never seen a job advert for anyone doing anything like the
    >work I do. Where do people advertise for security analysts and senior
    >systems analysts? I've only heard of positions via word of mouth, and
    >the mouths whose words I listen to have never mentioned certifications
    >as a desireable job qualification.
    Although I do agree with you there is a place for such positions
    Search for security and ....
    Results 1-20 of 359 matching some of the query terms, best matches first. 
    Security Analyst
          Client Facing, Internet, Security Products/Methods & Protocols.
    Security Analyst
          You will be asked to provide effective management, administration,         
          monitoring and reporting of all
          remote access to the clients systems and to provide effective management, 
          administration, monitoring
          and reporting of Internet access and Firewalls.
    Security Architect
          7 years plus experience, strong background in security design. Excellent 
          knowledge of
          government/MOD security. General design experience. Influence customer 
          security. Pragmatic
    IT Security Vacancies
          I have over 30 positions for IT Security Consultants experienced in any of 
          the following: Access
          control, Virus detection, network security, Firewalls, electronic 
          commerce, encryption and
          penetration testing.
    etc, etc....
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