Security Related Issues

From: Jim Leo (adminat_private)
Date: Wed Dec 31 1969 - 15:59:59 PST

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    Hello all.
    	I have a couple of questions that on the surface don't seem to be 
    related to this list, please bear with me. 
    	We have our firewall in place, and issued 'smartcard' to those 
    individuals that require access to hosts inside the 'protected' zone. 
    Here's the 'sticky wicket' , all individuals outside the 'perimeter' 
    are running Win95, and we have no policy in place to control how 
    their systems are setup. I'm trying to find out what methodology 
    could be use to subvert/snoop these boxes and possibly 'highjack' 
    their telnet sessions to devices inside the protected zone. 
    	Please respond offlist, and if people wish I will send compilation 
    to the list.
    Jim Leo

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