RE: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?!

From: Vin McLellan (vinat_private)
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 03:44:55 PDT

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    	Gawd, can't remember when I've enjoyed a product announcement as
    much as this BS. Or had as much ROTFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing)
    stimulation as I've gotten from Signal Magazine's crusader's march into the
    shadow-lands of info-war.
    	Just when many of us are starting to take the risk of info-war
    seriously, here we have a healthy reminder of just what sort of zeitgeist
    Signal's readers (the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics
    Association) relate to. Talk about a demanding Signal/noise ratio!!
    	While my stomach ache subsides, I'd like to emphatically echo Dave
    Kennedy's referral of the Wizards to a George Smith editorial about the
    Blitzkrieg Server in the Crypt Newsletter
    <>  If you've never taken a
    trip on Smith's trolley past the outer limits, I also urge you to take the
    time to read the his on-line book excerpt ("The Virus Creation Labs.")
    Amazing stuff! ROTFL, with tears!
    	Let me tease you with a couple of Smith quotes on the topic at hand:
    >Apparently, the "Blitzkrieg server" is powered by "self-programmed adaptive
    >automatacapsids--variable length string transformation rules."
    >"When examined on an individual basis, no automatacapsid in and of itself
    >has any
    >meaning," said Wood for Signal. "The automatacapsid only has value in the
    >of the distributed Blitzkrieg server network collective . . . the adaptive
    >automatacapsids, like fragments of a living virus without a host cell,
    >transform one
    >another and data, and they spontaneously generate or regenerate new
    >automatacapsids to meet every conceivable complex data analysis need."
    >Wood goes on to say to Signal that his "automatacapsids" make the "Blitzkrieg
    >server" invincible. And they are dependent on another Wood discovery -- the
    >"unified general equation of motion -- or UGEM."
    >Readers are informed the Wood Unified General Equation of Motion has something
    >to do with the control of complexity and all organization in nature. So
    >the scientist claimed in Signal, is "the first true virus-like collective
    >digital life
    >[...] For those readers with an excessively dry sense of humor Crypt
    >Newsletter suggests much of this particular story seems accidentally
    >cloned from "Killswitch," an episode of The X-Files that aired earlier
    >this television season. In "Killswitch," a group of computer scientists,
    >one from Santa Fe, created the first digital life form -- a series of
    >"concatenated automata viruses." Scully and Mulder, along with the
    >bumbling editors of Lone Gunman magazine, tracked the intelligent
    >software to a crumbling trailer filled with computer hardware parked
    >in the woods near Fairfax, Virginia. The original Business Newswire
    >from May 6 was datelined -- Fairfax.
    	Now, isn't that is the kind of probing reportage a Santa Fe-based
    infosec vendor that styles itself -- honest! -- the "Network Waffen Und
    Munistionsfabriken [sic] Group" deserves?
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