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From: Stout, William (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 10:11:07 PDT

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    If a great number of security gurus question the security of PPTP, that
    by definition makes PPTP an untrusted encryption protocol.
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    > This is correct.  All that spam you get for "get rich quick" scams is
    > actually data the NSA floods  mailboxes and USENET with so that they
    > have known plaintext passing through encrypted tunnels.
    You forgot the smiley.  Surely you jest.
    There exists:
    - a funded covert (cyberwar) project to compromise some
    encryption/security products for intelligence purposes (clipper
    contingency plan), 
    - an overt FBI plan to compromise encryption/security products for 'law
    enforcement' purposes (by Lois Freeh), 
    - a project to place sniffers on all Internet backbones (via Janet
    - and a plan to put 'Mind control' elements of Psychological Warfare on
    Internet sites & postings (Congress, Porter Gross-R Fla.), 
    but SPAM from the NSA?  Nah!  Too far fetched even for me.
    Bill Stout
    Proud member of Hillarys' right wing conspiracy.

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