Re: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?!

From: David Kennedy CISSP (dmkennedyat_private)
Date: Sun May 17 1998 - 21:44:05 PDT

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    	Update:  I called Laurence Wood again Thursday asking for the promised
    details on their product.  He immediately got defensive, almost hostile.
    He again whined about how busy they've been responding to media requests
    and getting ready for the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics
    Association's TechNet show June 9-11 at the D.C. Convention Center.  Maybe
    I should have told him I was a free-lance writer (it could happen)? 
    	I tried for the sympathy vote by telling him I owed an answer to my boss
    and I'd was expected to come through this week because that was what Wood
    promised me last week.  Didn't work.  I tried to get a commitment on when
    he'd provide details and couldn't nail him down.
    	I note that neither Wood's "FutureVision Group" nor "Network Waffen Und
    Munistionsfabriken Group" are listed as exhibitors in the 32-page tabloid
    I've received from AFCEA on the TechNet show, although Wood is listed as a
    panelist for the "Network-Centric Information Infrastructure Track."  Other
    correspondents have pointed out that "Munistionsfabriken" is misspelled in
    German, but I can't tell if that was Signal Magazine's fault or
    FutureVision's because FVG.COM has removed some pages and links that were
    there last week.
    	Tonight I received word that George Smith from Crypt Newsletter has had
    more success tracing some details down though Signal Magazine, who it seems
    are less than satisfied with the outcome from their story.  
    	Crypt Newsletter is at:
    	A colleague was quoted there saying what most have been thinking:
    AFCEA member and Computer Virus Myths webmaster, Rob Rosenberger, who is no
    stranger to Crypt Newsletter pages, wrote "I couldn't believe it when the
    May issue arrived." It was, he wrote, "absolute bullshit."
    	Turns out most of the basis to the story rose from FutureVision helping
    *one* other company with *one* disgruntled former employee and *one*
    sendmail problem.
    	This could have been a case study on social engineering, make fantastic
    claims and see who gets sucked in.  Seems it's more likely just to be
    fantastic (root=fantasy) claims.
    Dave Kennedy CISSP
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