RE: Inside PIX?

From: Woody Weaver (woodyat_private)
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 10:57:08 PDT

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    At 03:23 PM 5/17/98 -0400, Andrew J. Luca wrote:
    >I believe that this product came from a company called PIX in the first
    Network Translation, Inc., actually.  I've got NTI box #259 sitting next to
    me.  Its had a couple of parts replaced, but its still in service at a site
    with 5700 users.  The label is a lower case nti with a tilde across the
    middle; below that the words "Network Translation, Inc.", and below that in
    small caps "PRIVATE INTERNET EXCHANGE".  They used to have a web server at (I note now the domain has been turned over to cisco)
    but it doesn't seem to be responding to me at least.
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