Re: Port scans to UDP 161 (SNMP)

From: Michael (mikeat_private)
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 07:37:59 PDT

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    On Thu, 21 May 1998, Max Euston wrote:
    [>	Has anyone seen this before?  I have been getting UDP (161/SNMP) port 
    [>scans across my 205.247.224/24 (from .255 to .[012]?) repeatedly from 
    [>certain IP #s.  The most recent events happened 6 times over the past 5 
    [>days (all from the same IP).  The user of that IP has a laptop w/ 
    [>Win-95(B?) running FrontPage-98 and IE-4.01; they also have 
    [>AOL-(something), Office-97, Outlook-98, Project-98.  Although they use DHCP 
    [>(in a Win-95/Win-NT shop), it seems that this machine has always gotten the 
    [>same IP#.  The user seems to have been using the machine during each scan. 
    [> The UDP source port seems to stay in the range 1030-1035 (for this and 
    [>previous scans from other locations).  I don't have a dump of the incomming 
    [>packets, just a log that they were dropped.
    I've seen this before, last year, from a couple of different
    sites.  It seems that someone misconfigured some sort
    of monitoring software (their ip block was a couple numbers
    off from our address class).  I vaguely rememeber talking to the
    admin in one of the cases, his reply is below.
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    	I aplogize for taking so long to reply to your email. In short,
    we had some weird stuff going on here and I have firewalled outbound
    SNMP. I do aplogize for any inconvienes it may have caused.
    Jason Ledbetter
    Network Technical Specialist
    Applied Computer Technologies
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