Re: Lotus Notes question

From: Jan.Bervarat_private
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 02:06:10 PDT

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    Jan Bervar@NIL
    05/22/98 11:06 AM
    On 21-05-98 10:07:54 PM "Ge' Weijers"  wrote:
    > A quick question: does Lotus Notes use only one connection
    > between the client and the server? According to what I've found on Lotus'
    > web site you only need to allow access to port 1352, but I've gotten this
    > strange message from a client.....
    Notes can use multiple TCP connections for a Notes session, but they are
    always going to destination port 1352 from some high source port. This is
    the case in both server-to-server and client-to-server connections, so
    filtering Notes is no big deal. The only problem is that you cannot filter
    on any of the RPC stuff, because everything is mux-ed inside those TCP
    Also make sure your name translation (Notes->DNS) is working (hint: NAB or
    Mobile->Server Phone Numbers).
    Best regards,

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