RE: Port scans to UDP 161 (SNMP)

From: Max Euston (meustonat_private)
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 12:14:54 PDT

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    [First off: sorry for the delay in responding, I finally had a long weekend 
    Thanks to all who responded - especially H. Morrow Long 
    It seems that some W-95 machines (specifically laptops?) have HP JetAdmin 
    installed incorrectly.  I talked to the owner of the machine and we found 
    that the laptop in question had a subnet defined as ""!  We 
    changed this as described in  It refers 
    to registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ Software/ HP Jet Admin/ TCPIP (the 
    tree from this point down seems to be version dependent, but you can easily 
    find it).
    Thanks for the help!!!
    P.S. I seem to be getting more and more of these scans.  I think that I am 
    just going to have to block them without logging them (poor signal/noise 
    Max Euston <meustonat_private>

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