NEW FILES: Scan of the Month - October

From: Michael Clark (mjc22at_private)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 13:34:20 PDT

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    Hey all,
    There was a problem with one of the files included in this months Scan of
    the Month. One of the files, newdat2.log,  was cutting off packets at the
    end.  This happened because when I edited out the IP address of the remote
    syslog server I failed to take the packet length into account.  I have
    fixed the problem and uploaded new files.  So if you have aleady
    downloaded the challenge, please do so again.  The packets that were left
    out are important to completing the challenge.
    Thanks to those who pointed out there was a problem :)
    Sorry for the trouble,
    Honeynet Project Team Member
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