port 22->port 22 scans

From: Pavel Kankovsky (peakat_private)
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 17:08:49 PDT

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    On Thursday (Oct 4), we have detected four sweeps, looking for open
    TCP port 22 (ssh):
       Approx. time   Source IP           Source FQDN
       07:05 GMT     skltr.mech.pku.edu.cn
       12:33 GMT       (none)
       21:01 GMT      mtgp8.zmaw.de
       21:41 GMT      xunil1.physik.unibas.ch
    The traits of all those sweeps were very similar:
    - the source port of all probes was 22
    - all probes within one sweep had the same IP ID (*)
    - lost/filtered probes were not retried
    - the sweeps were pretty fast, hundreds of addresses in few seconds
    - no actual i/o was done
    (*) With 1 exception that had a TTL different from other logged probes
    in the sweep as well.
    Is there any kind of SSH worm out there?!
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