fbi.gov weirdness?

From: cg (cg.meat_private)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 15:41:01 PDT

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    Hi All,
        I hope I'm posting this to the right list. I'm most likely just paranoid
    but is there something weird going on with the fbi.gov site?
    1. The new warning that they put out was /pressrel/pressrel01/skyfall.htm
    2. Then it was changed to /pressrel/pressrel01/101101.htm
    3. So after seeing the first url change I tried to go back to skyfall.htm
    and I got a Not Found error with a
        link that said to go back to or notify the refering site. By clicking
    this I went to the Yahoo! email login
        site. I had just opened my browser at home for the first time today, so
    it wasn't a cache or anything.
    4. Now as I look further by looking at DNS at COSTE, UXN and geektools.com I
    find differing ip             addresses. COSTE reports, while
    the two others (which look truer to me)           
    Is anyone else seeing this??
    Thanks for being patient with my paranoia.
    C. Gordon
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