New email worm DarkMachine

From: Markus De Shon (mdeshonat_private)
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 07:40:16 PDT

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    We have observed a new email worm in the wild of unknown virulence, just
    wanted to get the word out ASAP.  We're calling it "DarkMachine" after the
    nicknames of the discoverers here at SecureWorks.
    The worm arrives as a .exe attachment with varying names.  The subject
    line also varies, but the body of the message stays the same:
    heh. I tell ya this is nuts ! You gotta check it out !
    Subject lines observed so far include:
    Kev Gives great orgasms to ladeez!! -- Kev
    I don't want to write anything but Si is bullying me. -- Jim
    Scientists have found traces of the HIV virus in cow's is the proof -- Will
    A new type of Lager / Weed variant...... sorted !
    I want to live in a wooden house -- Arwel
    The names in the subject lines may or may not be related to the name
    of the person sending the email.
    The .exe attachment names vary, but the list of ones that we have seen so
    far is:
    We will release more information as we figure things out...
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