Re: Use of HEAD in web server scan

From: Mike Lewinski (mikeat_private)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 18:08:24 PST

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    > I went back to the snort logs and had a look at the packet dumps and
    > found that they were all HEAD requests which appear not to be logged by
    > IIS.
    whisker uses HEAD requests by default.
    IIS will log HEAD requests, but may require some reconfiguration of logging
    parameters. I.E. I just checked and this was logged on an IIS 4 server:
    13:31:51 W3SVC30 HEAD /index.htm - 200 284 153 80 Mozilla/4.0+
    I've selected "W3C Extended Log File Format" in the MMC. Also under
    "Properties" I have checked "Method" (plus everything else of interest).
    If you find that these settings are present on your system, perhaps the logs
    were cleaned.
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