RE: Nimda.E having an impact ??

From: Kinsey, Robert (Robert.Kinseyat_private)
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 14:53:01 PST

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    For the networks I monitor I am seeing similar activity to the original
    Nimda (same /16 subnet for now).  I have, like you, noticed the volume of
    hits within the network range is different.  I am also trying to correlate
    the connection attempts on port 80 with any attempts via tfpt for the same
    source/dest combination.  This seems to alert me whether a box on my network
    becomes infected (the tfpt activity only occurs if a 200 OK response is seen
    to the port 80 activity).  So far (thankfully) I have not seen that
    particular connection combination.
    from the trenches,
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