ssh scans using username 'test' or 'oracle'?

From: Matt Zimmerman (mdzat_private)
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 08:14:01 PDT

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    I have seen this twice now on two geographically, topologically and
    administratively different systems.  The probe was slightly different, but
    close enough to attract my attention.
    May  1 14:08:15 box1 sshd[11762]: Failed none for illegal user test from port 46827 ssh2
    May  1 14:08:15 box1 sshd[11763]: Failed none for illegal user oracle from port 46828 ssh2
    May  1 23:04:37 box2 sshd[27428]: Failed password for illegal user test from port 4338
    Has anyone else seen probes of this sort recently?
     - mdz
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